Canada Day Parade Grande Prairie

Join our local Constituency Association for the annual Canada Day Parade in Grande Prairie.

Support our float and walk with us- Meet at 12:30 we are float 27 - Meeting in Hillside area. Or come watch the parade with your family.

For more information go to the GP Tourism Website or contact our CA.

Happy Canada Day!

Bringing Film Jobs Back To Alberta

Great news about the Alberta Party proposal around the film industry. Like the line from the Tragically Hip,
“they shot a movie once in my hometown”. I had a very small role in the film but a really cool experience for a high school kid. In broadcast school I got a job in TV doing everything from hosting, cameras to production. My career was headed full steam ahead for television but my love of music and interaction with people took me to radio.

I love the opportunities we are creating for our kids using our creative resources to diversify our economy. There also comes a pride seeing places you’ve been up on the screen and maybe even running into a face you’ve never met but seen a hundred times.

It’s a fun dynamic the Alberta Party is proposing to create jobs and diversify our economy in the creative industries.

Jobs First Plan

For small business in Grande Prairie, a breath of fresh air. As the owner of a small business and with dozens of friends in small business we need immediate relief from the crushing weight of layering over the past four years. I am so happy to be part of a team that is working to move Alberta forward where everyone can define their own level of success.

Tourism and Grande Prairie, The Path Forward


Tourism is an important part of our economy that also adds to the quality of life in our region through employment, education and just plain fun. GPRTA is looking for innovative ways to help non profits and business grow their market share.

We had conversations around opportunities, challenges and areas of improvement.

80% of tourists are from Alberta. There is so much opportunity here. Tourism, Sports, Arts and Culture are areas I have volunteered for in building since moving to the region in 1988. Quality of life matters in the North.

Vaccines & Publicly Funded Schools

This is so important. We want to protect our children and the early support for this Alberta Party proposal is already amazing. As well, those children unable due get vaccinated due to transplants are obviously exempt. Common sense.

As a member of Rotary, we are so incredibly close to eradicating polio worldwide today. We can reach back and find people in our community that as children suffered through it and wholeheartedly support a vaccine.

Vaccines work and have been proven time and time again not to cause autism or other claims.

For those parents who refuse vaccines, there are still educational options such as private or homeschooling. 

Local Post-secondary Education and Healthcare Conversations


Another amazing and busy day. I was invited along with the other two parties to present and answer questions from 40 nurses from across the North. As I am not a seasoned politician it was an interesting process. We had the chance to introduce ourselves and present on behalf of ourselves and our party. Later we were asked a couple of questions about the stalled new hospital and what I interpreted was accountability. The hospital and it’s lack of progress and the impact it's delay is having on the community will no doubt be a major election issue.

Later I attended a two-hour event at GPRC which was around GPRC moving forward with degree-granting status. A process long in the works and congratulations to the Don, Carmen and the team at GPRC for getting us there. This was a community engagement process on how the community can help make it fly and what are medium and long term courses that should be offered at the GPRC campuses. I really enjoyed the conversations as I sat at a table with two high school principals and how they would love to work directly with GPRC to keep our kids here and have them establish careers here. We also were provided the opportunity to recommend what degrees GPRC should offer, with only 6 dots on the chart it was an extremely challenging exercise. With that, we needed to think of demand and job potential, space and requirements within the college and the ability to attract instructors among a handful of other things.

I have said it before, we are incredibly fortunate to have the Douglas Cardinal designed building in our city. Last year I hired an artists to recreate the college in an artistic form for posters and mugs with 10% of the sales to go to the college. The image is a close up of the theatre.

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